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While summer is approaching, and spring is around, are you wondering what to wear in summer to look unique and attractive. Have you started looking for summer clothes or summer dresses?

Well, spring fashion and summer fashion changes every year and every season. It grabs ladies and young teenagers quickly.  Don’t be late to grab the latest trends of 2018 on women casual dresses, women maxi dresses, women social dresses or women office dresses.

Dresses, Gown or frocks all are very similar to each other. It’s just the style from time to time defers mainly due to culture and celebrity choices. Western culture has more styles and types because there is no restrictions or boundaries. But Asian culture do concern on their values and respect them which has made them to look pretty and trendy on selected range.

So, what are the types of dresses which are available in the market and which is one of them are latest? So, let’s talk about trendiest and stylish dresses, frocks or gown 2018.


Casual Dresses

Casual dress type is mostly into European tradition. It is the opposite of formal dress type. Casual dresses imply more of relax, not planned and leisure. Yes, casual wear can be tested as semi-formal, but it really depends on the surrounding which you are going to be. Causal dresses are popular among all types of women specially when it comes to weekend wardrobe with fun and relax gateway.


Social Wear

This is the type of wear which provides you dazzling entrance to social function or an occasion. It can be a cocktail party, evening function or even after party. It just makes you look so unique and attractive. Earlier centuries these were long length dresses but now it does not have a boundary or a limit, ladies choose from mini to knee length to long for evening or social functions.


Summer Dresses

Nothing can beat you than enjoying sun shine in Summer. Summer dresses are meant to be super comfortable and easy going. Shirt dresses are also type of summer dress and it was in the top of the list throughout past couple of few years. Laid back, relax in the beach, sea side or outdoor with modern and stylish dress is the best you can do in Summer.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses were known as street dresses in 19th century but now has become a dress type between casual and formal. One thing that has not changed is it remains ankle length dress. It is top to bottom loose dress with any type of neck cut mostly with printed cotton or polyester material. Maxi dress can be worn as formal wear with heavy jewelry and high heels or wedges which gives you an elegant look. It is widely worn in Summer with flip flops or sandals for a casual beach look.


Jumpsuits & Rompers

This is a garment which has trouser and top in one piece. It’s not a dress neither a top, but most of the fashion designers consider it as a formal dress. Slowly it has become most popular casual and formal dress among teenagers. Jumpsuits are the ankle knee length and rompers are mini version of it as described by many. It is super comfortable and has wide range of styles and designs. Most commonly it is worn with a hat to look super gorgeous. Most important about jump suits and rompers are no matter what your body shape is it fits you and hide your curves which gives a sexy and modern look.


Office Wear

Well this is called formal wear by most and it gives you a sensational and judgmental look. Office dress gives you and elegant and unique look with eye catchy styles and prints. Most of the women prefer plain wear with different cutting and styles to work with heavy jewelry and high heels or Wedges. But again, it should not be boring to pick and choose what fits you best because you need to be in that dress for continuous minimum 8 hours per day. 

What makes RnD international store unique is it does lots of research in women fashion industry well before every season. So, when the season is around you can grab the latest designs and highest selling products at your earliest at a very cheap price. All women dresses, accessories are shipped through an e-packet to your door step within few days after the order.

And guess what, we do accept free returns if it doesn’t meet your expectations.
Looking for long sleeve, short sleeve, mini dresses, long dresses, cocktail dresses, casual dresses, club and night out dresses or stripe dresses, well we have all to match everyone’s different types of requests. We guarantee these are high quality material with firm cuttings which allows to fit to your body shape.


Shop with RnD international online store and make your beautiful outfit dream come true!!!


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