Sun Light is Not for Everyone !!!

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Did you know that sun can impact your health in negative way? We all look forward to summer and waiting to have some fun enjoying beach or going out for vacation. We all get ready with summer clothes, sunglasses, sun cream and many more. But how many us know too much summer can affect your mental and physical health. Let’s look at positive and negative side of sun light from this blog.

Positive Effects

High Serotonin Levels

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter of the body which helps to regulate mood and behavior of a person. These chemical levels of brain change your appetite, sleep, memory, sleep and sexual desire.  So, Sunlight helps to increase your serotonin levels of brains which improves your freelancer mood. That is why you feel good, excited, energetic and relaxed when you exposed to Sun.

Low seasonal depression

Researchers say that considerable percentage of people experience seasonal depression. It is recognized as high in winter season mainly due to difficulty of meeting people and going out with friends. It results same routine for weeks and months. Symptoms of winter depression includes over-acting, tiredness, too much sleep, bad moods all the time. Researchers says these types of depression identified low in summer or warmer months.

Low Stress levels

Every one of us experience stress due to family, work place, health, unexpected losses or changes. Doctors says summer can make people more energetic and relaxed which reduces stress levels. That is why most of the time people tend to walk down in the street with their dog just after the winter or when there is little sunshine of Spring.

 More Sleep

You know how you feel sleepy, its due to chemical which produces from your brain which is called melatonin. It tells your brain right time to sleep. In winter or cold season, it gets dark soon, so your brain identified as it is the time to sleep in about two hours. Even though you sleep more in cold seasons it is not identified as quality sleep, you must have felt the same, after you wake up you still feel lazy. But in summer you tend to be awake more due to long daylight hours of sunlight. Also, you get quality sleep afterwards. However, it is also mentioned that this circle is disturbed by modern technology devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and TV which produces artificial light and mislead your melatonin system.

 More Absorb of Vitamin D

You know Vitamin D is very important for healthy bones. It can be easily absorbed to your skin through ultraviolet light in sunlight. Just 15 minutes exposure to sun will absorb all Vitamin D you need for the day. It is recommended by most health care physicians to expose yourself to sun for few minutes in summer  as it is natural than supplementary and artificial Vitamins taken in winter season.


Negative Effects

Eye Damages

More sunlight can damage your retina which can harm when making visual images at the back of the eye. That is why it is recommended to wear protected glasses or sunglasses in Summer. Unprotected exposure to UV light for a longer time can even cause you cloudy bumps along the edge of cornea which can affect your clear vision. UV light can also make your lens of the eye opaque which drives you for a blurred vision.

High level of exhaustion due to heat.

Summer means sunlight and heat. This leads to loss of water and salt of the body very quickly usually from excess sweating. People working at outdoor environment mostly victims of heat exhaustion. If you feel Dizziness, continues thirsty, heavy sweating, low urine, headache or irritable you may be suffering from heat exhaustion. If you do not consult a doctor and get proper medication this can lead to a heart stroke which can be life threatening. Heart stocks can increase your body temperature to 106F in very short time period. It requires immediate medical assistant if not it can cause coma, life time disabilities or even death.

Sun burns of the skin.

This covers all negative effects of too much exposure to sunlight. Symptoms can be recognized as redness, pain, swelling, fever or headache or blisters. This occurs due to excessive exposure to UV light; the dangerous part is you will not feel any of these symptoms until four or five hours after the sun exposure. Most of the time it can be too late to avoid sun at the time you figure out sun burn. It is recommended to consult a medical specialist for regular treatments and advises.

Skin Rash

This is a common negative effect of too much exposure of sun light. It is widely called as heat rash which occurs due to sweat ducts trap perspiration under the skin. It can be identified as red pimples by yourself. Heat rashes can be avoided by exposure to cool or less heat environment to prevent excessive sweating. It is also recommended to use a powder to make affected skin area dry.

Skin Cancer

The worst damage which can cause by exposure too much UV light is skin cancer. It will not be immediate but when you are becoming old skin cancers can grow slowly in your skin. There are 3 common and mostly identified types of skin cancer.

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma: This occurs in soft sun damaged skin. Soft skin can be easily damaged, and cancer can grow easily. This does not generally spread but advised to take immediate medication.
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma: This occurs in sun burn scars. This can be spread slowly but if you ignore it can cause damage to organs, this may need special surgical treatments.
  • Malignant Melanoma: This skin cancer is caused due to use of tanning beds. It can be very dangerous as it can be spread to all over your body including brain, lungs or liver. It does not have to be exposure of Sun but skin which is exposed to UV light can increase the risk of growing the cancer. If it is identified at early stage surgical removal can be done to stop spreading all over the body.

So, it is wise to protect yourself from sunlight. These negatives can be easily prevented by using proper easy routine when you go out for summer vacations or beach. Apply recommended sun scream 20 minutes before stepping out and reapply after two hours in the sun. Cover your eyes with UV filtered sunglasses and cover you head with 4-inch brim hat. If you are staying longer in sun, make sure to be under an umbrella or covered building or shades as much as you can.

Let’s keep in mind sunshine should be enjoyed in moderate. More you expose yourself there is a high risk of diseases or illness which can cause. Those can be identified immediately or can after years and years.

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